The editorial office of the Elo-Post®

Members of the Elo® Zucht- und Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. receive our member journal (Elo-Post®) free of charge every early summer and winter.

Beside current information about breeding and our association, every issue focuses on a certain topic.

As the Elo-Post® is based on the motto “from members for members” we would like to encourage every member to participate in our journal with interesting, exciting and cheerful stories or pictures. If you are in doubt about your contribution do not hesitate to ask for revision.

Please send your articles unformatted (apart from headings and paragraphs) and add your name and the name of your dog (please mention the name of the breeding station your dog was born in).

When sending photos please pay attention to a best possible quality. Furthermore, the photos have to be named separately with regard to the correspondent article (number them if necessary).

Please note that only single pictures can be used in the journal. However, name the dogs pictured on the photography and consider that the rights of the pictures have to be  assigned to the EZFG e.V.

We are looking forward to receiving many articles, compliments or requests under:

Your editorial office of the Elo-Post®


Note: Only registered members can read from spending 28 here Elo Post®!